A Zombie
Type Hostile
Health 20
Attack Strength Easy: 2

Normal: 3
Hard: 4

Drops See Drops
Modded? No

Zombies are hostile Mobs that look like the Player, aside from the color difference. Zombies will attack the Player by hitting the Player with their arms. Zombies spawn in the Overworld and are usually found during the night with the exception of underground Dungeons. They burn in sunlight and can burn other Mobs while aflame if attacked.


An Iron Sword or above is recommended to slay a Zombie. However, a Stone Sword can be useful too. A Bow or Splash Potion of Healing can also be used when the Player faces large groups of Zombies.


Baby Zombies

Baby Zombies are rarer variants of Zombies. They can be hard to fight as they run much faster than normal Zombies, do not burn in sunlight, and are smaller in size, therefore making it much harder to hit. It is recommended the player uses an Iron Sword or above to fight them.

Zombie Villagers

Zombies can see Villagers from 40 blocks away and will attack them. If a zombie kills a Villager, it has a chance to turn the Villager into a Zombie form of itself, known as a Zombie Villager, and will attack the Player or another Villager if close enough. Zombie Villagers have the same amount of health points as Zombies, so they can be easily killed by most Swords.

Armored Zombies

When the Player has set the difficulty to Hard, Zombies have a chance to spawn wearing armor or wielding a tool. Sometimes, they spawn with enchanted armor and a tool. This makes them harder to fight. A Diamond Sword is recommended.


Husks are stronger variants of Zombies which spawn in Deserts. They will give the Hunger Effect to any player they hit.


Rotten Flesh (1) Potato (1) Carrot Feather

Rotten Flesh








PE Exclusive


  • When a Zombie wears a helmet or a pumpkin, it will not burn in the sunlight.
  • Baby Zombies can also spawn with armor or a tool.
  • Zombies used to drop 0-2 Feathers, but was replaced with Rotten Flesh.
  • Exteremly rarely, Zombies can spawn with diamond armor. They are very tough, and is recommended to use diamond sword to kill them.

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