Zombies mcsm
3 zombies from MCSM
Type Hostile

Zombies (MCSM) are hostile mobs that first appeared in minecraft story mode in episode 1.


Episode 1

  • Zombies and other mobs too attack at Jesse and Reuben in the forest. Later, they attack again at Jesse and Axel.

Episode 2

  • Zombies and other mobs try blocking Jesse's gang on the way to Soren's Fortress.

Episode 3

  • Zombies do not attack Jesse but they are seen in a part of the episode.

Episode 4

  • Lots of zombies are seen in the maze in the far lands.

Episode 5

  • Zombies attack Jesse at the temple of the old builders. They will also spawn at the sky city later and attack everyone. Jesse and Isa will kill some but will not make it to save the city.

Episode 6

  • An army of zombies are spawned outside of the white pumpkin's mansion. At the end of the episode the zombies will start burning during the sunlight.


  • In episode 6 the zombies are being spawned by zombie spawners.

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