Zombie Spawn Eggs are spawn eggs that can spawn Zombies. They have a light blue color with dark green pieces on it.



Zombie Spawn eggs can be used to spawn a zombie by clicking it on the ground. They can also spawn Zombie Villagers (5% chance), Baby Zombies (5% chance) and Chicken Jockeys (5% chance). It can be legitimately obtained through Creative mode. Since 0.14.0 in MCPE zombie spawn egg can be used to spawn all the jockey variants (pig jockeys, cow jockeys, zombie jockeys etc). However, the chances to happen are very low (1%).


  • In PE, zombie spawn eggs can be obtained in survival, through inventory editor.
  • If the player is in creative mode and spawns a zombie, it will not attack.
  • Zombie Spawn Eggs can sometimes spawn a zombie with armor or a tool or item.
  • There are mods that allow the player to craft spawn eggs.

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